Gold purchase in Nuremberg

    and Zirndorf

    The map shows our gold purchasing points – fair prices and always close to you

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     Cash purchase for fair prices:

    Old gold and scrap gold – defective jewellery

    Grandma's jewellery, platinum jewellery, brooches, gold pendants, single earrings, etc. Old gold is worth cash.

    Tooth gold, also including teeth

    Tooth gold does not have to be cleaned before sale and tooth residue does not have to be removed. Deliver it to us as you received it from your dentist. Often, tooth gold is just lying around at home. Tooth gold usually contains gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Tooth gold is worth cash. It is an important resource.

    Diamonds and brand jewellery

    This is not only about the pure material value; high-quality pieces of jewellery and jewellery with precious stones are assessed individually of course. High quality jewellery and branded jewellery of renowned manufacturers are sold on instead of melted. We offer non-committal consulting.

    Brand watches – luxury watches and pocket watches

    by many different manufacturers are, of course, individually assessed after inspection. We estimate and purchase collector's pieces in the area of watches and pocket watches. We purchase used luxury watches of the brands of Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, A. Lange & Söhne, Omega, Glashütte, Patek Philippe and many others.

     Investment coils and collector's coils

    We purchase investment coins like Krügerrand and Meaple Leaf, Vreneli and many others. collector's coins from different eras, such as the German Empire or Weimar Republic, from Mark to Taler. We also purchase silver and gold medals.

    Silver cutlery and silverware

    Many things used to be and still are made of real silver, such as silverware, silver tea service, cigarette boxes, napkin holders, candlesticks, figurines, etc. You can usually tell by the silver stamp: 800, 835, 900 or 925. Ask us about it.

    Antique furniture, military objects, art

    Small antiques, medals, uniforms, edged weapons, paintings, commendations, cups, busts, etc. This is a wide area. Contact us. We will gladly help you.